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 How to Host a Successful Webinar / Meeting

Before you sign anyone up with LegalShield, please do THIS -

  1. Go to http://lsengage.com and log in.
  2. Scroll down and click on “Placement Utility”
  3. [Log in if necessary] - Check if “Your current placement setting” is MANUAL or AUTOMATIC.
  4. Set it to MANUAL if it is not currently.
  5. You’re done! Congrats!

This will allow you to place people strategically when the time comes.

LS Engage Offers Free Zoom Use (Webinars & Meetings) for all LegalShield Associates!!!


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How to Correctly Do Your First PZC (Private Zoom Call)

1 - lsengage.com manage your business

2 - USERNAME.wearelegalshield.com for signing people up.

3 - Prospect by LegalShield contact management (CRM)

This video and many more amazing resources are also available on AssociateStart.com - Brian Carruthers' official site.

* You must attend FastStart training within 45 days of becoming a new associate to remain eligible for a FastStart bonus. You must also sell $90 in premium and recruit one associate in your first 20 days.


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This video is CRITICAL to watch.

You MUST watch this video if you are going to do a PZC / webinar with our team. It tells you HOW.

Everyone who does EVERYTHING on this page earns MORE MONEY than the people who don't. That is not a coincidence!



Welcome YOUR New Associates

Download New Associate Welcome PNG

If you don't have photo editing background ---> We recommend Canva (the app or online) as a great resource for building your welcome graphics and editing.

We recommend welcoming them on:

  1. Residual Empire FB
  2. Team Pinnacle FB
  3. LegalShield Associate Success FB

UPDATE - The new link to the placement utility is now ONLY in lsengage (scroll down on the left) or just CLICK HERE.

  1. SCHEDULE TIME for webinar with upline who will run the content for you.
  2. SET UP ZOOM call in lsengage.com (by clicking - WEBMEETING: SCHEDULE MEETING: WEBINAR) or through your private zoom as a Webinar (not a meeting - to ensure people can't see each other).
  3. MAKE A LIST of everyone you'd invite to a wedding or super cool party (we recommend 300 people or more).
  4. CONTACT EVERYONE on the list by either text message or social media messenger (no bulk messaging or posting publicly).
  5. KEEP TRACK of who said they would come.
  6. SEND A REMINDER EMAIL one hour before (if you have a pro zoom account, this can be automated, if not, manually send the emails).
  7. SEND A REMINDER TEXT to everyone 30 minutes before.
  8. LOG IN 15 MINUTES EARLY to the call to ensure that you will be there to greet the crowd (don't use specific names).
  9. RECORD the meeting.
  10. START THE MEETING by greeting everyone, edifying the speaker (PLEASE WATCH STEP 4 VIDEO ON THIS SITE ABOVE), saying how excited you are, and then mute yourself and turn off your video to let the speaker take over the call. Hop back on at the end to say thank you to the speaker and thank the crowd.
  11. KEEP TEXTING the no-show people until about 5 minutes into the presentation.
  12. MOUNT THE RECORDING after the presentation to send to people in the future. You can use YouTube (free), Vimeo, Wistia, etc to do this.

Enjoy your future... It's going to be bright!


How to Recruit!

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How to Place Associates


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