Make Sure Your Account is Set to "MANUAL"

Before you sign anyone up with LegalShield, please do THIS -

  1. Go to http://lsengage.com and log in.
  2. Scroll down and click on “Placement Utility”
  3. [Log in if necessary] - Check if “Your current placement setting” is MANUAL or AUTOMATIC.
  4. Set it to MANUAL if it is not currently.
  5. You’re done! Congrats!

This will allow you to place people strategically when the time comes.


Join 3 Facebook Groups


Earn Your First Bonus


How to Start Recruiting


If You Can Get 10+ On a Webinar, Do THIS:

lsengage.com - manage your business

USERNAME.wearelegalshield.com - to sign people up

Prospect by LegalShield - contact management / CRM

The first bonus that you should achieve is called the "FastStart Bonus." 

Generally, it is a $300 bonus when you accomplish these three things in your first 20 days:

  1. RECRUIT one associate.
  2. SELL $90 in premium (meaning services).
  3. ATTEND the FastStart class (You can see classes in your area online at the LegalShieldCalendar.com).


Associate / Business Websites


Services Websites


Download Your Apps


Watch This Video

You MUST watch this video if you are going to do a PZC / webinar with our team. It tells you HOW.


Welcome YOUR New Recruits

Download New Associate Welcome PNG

If you don't have photo editing background ---> We recommend Canva (the app or online) as a great resource for building your welcome graphics and editing.

We recommend welcoming them on:

  1. Residual Empire FB
  2. Team Pinnacle FB
  3. LegalShield Associate Success FB

UPDATE - The new link to the placement utility is now ONLY in lsengage (scroll down on the left) or just CLICK HERE. 


How to Recruit!

How to Structure Your Team


How to Place Associates


Weekly Calls

Sundays - 9pm Eastern

  • Team Pinnacle Call  (Call 712-432-7608,  Enter Pin = 68851#)

Mondays - 9pm Eastern

  • Facebook Live in Team Pinnacle

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Add Pinnacle Resources to Prospect App

1 - Click "More"

2 - Click "Settings"

3 - Scroll down and click "+" and type "Pinnacle"

Professional recruiters tend to recruit in pairs. In network marketing, we use someone in our "upline" (the people who came before us in our team) to meet with us AND our prospect. When we do this, we learn from our upline WHILE we leverage their skill to recruit and present.

Your upline at LegalShield has full-time associates in it. Please speak with your sponsor to find out if they would like to be your first call for this or WHO they believe you should use.



"Hey XXXXX, can we grab 5 on the phone tomorrow? I want to run something by you.” (Don’t talk about what “IT” is. If they ask: “It’s a new business project I’m in with a partner. What TIME works for us to connect?” Just keep closing for a TIME to talk.


1. Catch up for 30-60 seconds.

2. Tell them the STORY of how you learned about LegalShield. This story should be vulnerable and relatable. You should state that you were unsure at first, but when you really looked into it, you realized this was the answer to some of the stressors you'd been experiencing.

3. Tell them this - "Why don't I send you a quick 20 minute video that runs through LegalShield, ID Shield, and the business opportunity. And then let's plan to hop on a call tomorrow once you've watched the video so I can give you some more perspective around how we are growing our team so fast. Sound good? ... [yes] ... Great. What does tomorrow look like for you?" [Keep going until you casually schedule the call. Don't be pushy ... that's not nice.]


1. Immediately send the trackable 22m video from your Prospect app as a text.         


1. Call them EXACTLY when you said you would.

2. If they no-show, text them "Does this time still work for you?" and work to reschedule ASAP. Only ever close for the time you will talk next.

3. If they say they are not interested, say "Let's grab a couple minutes anyway. There are a few things I should mention before we put this to bed, OK?"

4. Once you’re on the call … Upgrade to a 3-way call OR schedule an in-person with your upline. If you're using a 3-way call, text your upline BEFORE the call and have them ready at that time. 

5. Edify the upline to give them authority when they are added saying, “I’m so glad this worked out. I wanted you to meet Mr. UPLINE, he/she is a real driver, very fun, loves community and family, and knows all the facts and figures and how the real money is being made here. Mr. UPLINE, this is Joe. Joe is amazing and I wanted you two to meet." Then MUTE YOUR PHONE or don't interrupt if in person and let your upline do the heavy lifting.


1. If you are in a “Closing Sequence” with someone — meaning that they are checking with their wife, doing more research, etc BUT they are excited with the service — then, you can follow up to “get them in the system.”

2. Close ONLY with how quickly the sign up works. “Hey man. Looking forward to getting you started here. Setting up your account will take under 10 minutes. You clear this afternoon?”

Mr. Brian Carruthers has already earned over $20 million dollars with LegalShield.

If you do nothing else ...

The 3X3 Duplication Strategy

  1. Recruit 3 with your sponsor.
  2. As their sponsor, help them each recruit 3.
  3. Lead the team and keep duplicating.
  4. Recruit and sell as much as you want after. 
  5. Build a 4th leg if you'd like to go to Platinum.

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